Chances are, if you are here, you know me.  Or at least know of me.  But nonetheless, here’s the bio that People magazine requested for their Most Fascinating People of the Year issue.

I was born and raised in Calgary by my dad Fred, who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan, and my mom Barb, who sounds like someone from Nova Scotia.  I have an older sister named Charmaine who lives six doors down from me.  She’s a teacher like me.  My younger sister Dawn lives with her husband Jason and she is a university prof, so she’s kind of a teacher.  Outside of going to the University of Lethbridge for a business degree (when I wanted to be like Angela Bauer on Who’s The Boss?) and the University of Alberta for my teaching degree (when I wanted to be a white Jaime Escalante from Stand and Deliver), I have lived in Calgary. Well, I also studied business in Germany for one semester and did a six month government internship in the Palestinian Territories following my business degree.

For the last six years, I’ve been a teacher at the Calgary Science School, which is a grade   4 – 9 school focusing on inquiry-based learning.  It is simply a great place to become a teacher.  Along with teaching, coaching soccer has been a big part of my life and I’ve spent many years with the Calgary Foothills Soccer Club.

Along with teaching and coaching, I also like to spend time thinking.  Sometimes I think about why Family Feud is so awesome, but other times I think about deeper stuff.  I also like to read books by people who think.  All of this reading and thinking and hanging out with people from Westside King’s Church has led me to take the story of Jesus seriously and personally.

In the summer of 2007, I spent a month in South Africa, volunteering as a teacher and soccer coach with Hands at Work, a Christian, non-profit African organization working in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low.  Basically, Hands is about reaching the poorest of the poor.  I’m now spending 10 months with Hands at Work as an international volunteer.


8 Responses to Me

  1. Rick says:

    The reason Family Feud is so awesome is the family “vignettes” during the opening. Wishing you all the best on your adventure Ditty. We’ll be checking your blog to see what you are up to over there. All the best.

  2. Graham Kennedy says:

    Chris, what about ice fishing? You forgot to mention that you are a fantastic ice fisherman. You also failed to mention the German national football team that you promote so extensively. There is to much more to you! God bless and good luck pal. Keep safe, contribute like you always do, and come back to us. GK

  3. Shelley says:

    Hi Chris: I am so excited to hear about all of your adventures. Thanks for including us in your journey in this way. Is there a way to post comments after each of your blog entries?

    • Hi Shelley!
      Great to hear from you. Yes, you can comment after any of the posts, I just have to approve the first time you comment. It then gets posted and you’re home free in the future.

      Hope things are well at school!


  4. dorothy dorsey says:

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date. Just read about your arrival. Trust you are
    coping with the heat and new food. Our prayers are with you. Dorothy Dorsey

  5. dorothy dorsey says:

    Glad you arrived safe and sound. Stay healthy and just Be who you are. Dorothy Dorsey

  6. Jon says:

    Hey Ditty – It was great to hear from you yesterday – your work puts a lot of things in perspective – plus, I forgot how much I miss your sense of humour!! Hopefully Neil can set up some Skype time with the Grade 9’s around Peace Fest! Take care!

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