Back in the YYC

So, my first blog post since my return to the land of plenty.  It’ll be four weeks tomorrow since I got back.  A month.  It’s gone pretty fast.  Here’s an update on things with me.

I am blogging to you from the comfy confines of my friends Shaun Leanne’s house.  Seeing as I returned almost two months earlier than planned, my house is still rented until the end of June.  So, Shaun and Leanne graciously offered to put me up, or put up with me, for awhile.  It’s been a nice transition to back home.  Seeing as I’m still pretty weak and lacking in energy, it’s been nice to not have to put my house back together.  As well, I have a nice room in the cool basement and am enjoying the flat screen.  It’s funny how I spoke to earnestly about the benefits of not having television in Africa and how its absence enriched my life, and then promptly found myself binging on SNL “Best Ofs” on Netflix (another welcome amenity here).  They have two boys, 3 and 7, and they are good fun.

I’m feeling a little better but, as mentioned, still feel nowhere close to normal.  I’ve also had trouble sleeping, which was the case for the last while I was in Africa as well.  So, I’m tired all the time but have trouble sleeping, go figure.  Anyway, I saw my GP a couple weeks ago.  She ordered a slew of blood tests and also a “specimen” to check for parasites.  I see the doctor again today for a physical and to hear the results.  I’m also booked for a consultation with a sleep clinic in a couple weeks.

So my time here has been mostly focused on resting, which, much like my last few months in Africa, is getting old.  I’ve connected with some people but my social agenda has been pretty limited. The highlight so far was probably my third day here.  George Snyman, the founder of Hands at Work in Africa, spoke to my school and we showed a slideshow of the kids and houses (finished and in progress) that my school funded.  It was a great celebration of the school’s involvement.

As far as other news, I’ve spoken to the boys a couple of times by phone.  They seem to be doing well although our phone conversations have never been too in depth.  It’s kind of like,

“How are you?”


“How’s school going?”


Then I basically hassle Mthandazo about not looking into university yet.  To be fair, he still hasn’t received his birth certificate, which he need to get his ID number, which he needs before he can apply.  At the same time, I sense some hesitancy in him.  I think I underestimate how intimidating this process is for him.  Going away to university will be a massive step into the unknown for him and there is so much between where he is now and getting there.  Last time we talked he said that his school now has info on university programs and applications so I’m hoping he’ll get some support there.

So, I’ll blog more later on my last few days in Africa and the transition back to life here.  ‘Til then I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos.  This is a little girl from the creche in the boys’ village.  Her name is Gugu and her expression really captures her personality.  She had this little bounce to her walk that always cracked me up and she was always shouting and laughing with this mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

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3 Responses to Back in the YYC

  1. Cathy says:

    Love, love, love this picture!! Irrepressible joy, that is not based on outward circumstances.
    I hope your health improves soon, Chris. Hang in there!
    Cathy xoxo

  2. Jennifer says:

    I hope you get good news at the doctor’s Chris. If you want a change of scenery, Rose and I will be glad to entertain you. Just give a shout. Great pic. I love the expression on your face as well as the little one’s.


  3. Linda says:

    That’s a keeper! Heal up!

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