All Good Things Must…

I’m typing this blog on a Word doc at 2:31 am Monday morning.  I want to cryogenically seal off my room at this moment as, for the first time in months, I would describe the air temperature as “perfect”.  As of last week, fall is in the air here in the lowveld.  The day time temp is now around the mid twenties but it’s not just that.  There is far less humidity and the air is nice and refreshing.  Friday actually felt quite cool and I wore a hoodie during the day for what had to be the first time since September.  The highlight of this new season has to be night time.  The air is nice and cool and I was almost in tears the other night at the sheer joy of being tucked away in warm blankets with the nice, cool air nipping at my nose.   It’s now official that I don’t do well in the heat.

So, after seeing the doctor on Friday, I’ve made the decision to come back home at the end of this month.  My blood tests were all normal for thyroid, kidneys, blood sugar and white blood cell count. The normal white blood cell count means that the mono virus is no longer abusing my immune system in the way it was back in January.  According to the doc, this rules out all the typical culprits.  So, the next step is to see an internist to do some detective work on this little mystery.  I could do this in South Africa but, as I think I mentioned in my last blog, I have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses here so things could get a little pricey.  Plus, being here and spending most of my time lying around my room is starting to drive me mildly crazy.  It’s time to try lying around back home.  Of course, it will be great to see family and friends again but leaving people here that I’ve grown very close to will be tough.  But I can’t see not coming back here in some way or another.

It’s hard to describe my time here.  “Amazing” and “incredible” seem too cliché and shallow.  Maybe the best way is to say that I feel like a very different person than when I left home last August.  My understanding of what God’s calling me to is sharper and more purposed and that is something I am determined to walk toward.  Life just seems so much clearer now.  I’ve realized how distracted I become back home how consumed I can become with myself.  I’ve realized the power of a community where people really try to live for each other and how a common purpose can triumph over all the stuff that comes with living and working with people of all ages and just about as many cultures.  There is a unity here that I’ve never experienced before and it has changed me.  Maybe the biggest change I’ve felt is such a pull towards God.  The bible has just come alive for me here.  It’s hard to explain.  My faith is no longer an intellectual argument or philosophy.

I haven’t told Mthandazo and Sipho yet and that will be a difficult conversation.  The next couple weeks will be about seeing what can be put in place for them before I leave.  The second house we’re building for Ernest and his siblings with the funds from my school in Calgary is ticking along nicely and I’m hoping it might be finished or at least very close by the time I leave.  I’m hoping I feel strong enough in the next couple of weeks to be able to visit all the communities and people I’ve worked with in the past eight months.  I’ll try to introduce you to some of them in the next little while.  Well, I best hit the rack for the night.  Talk to you soon.


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2 Responses to All Good Things Must…

  1. Neil Stephenson says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    Wow.. you’re coming home early! Selfishly I’m happy to hear it, but I know it must have been a very difficult decision for you. You sound so connect and alive over there – even in the midst of such a longterm sickness.

    I’m excited to welcome you back to Calgary – and looking forward to getting to know the changed Ditty!

  2. GK says:

    “My faith is no longer an intellectual argument or philosophy.” I love that Chris. I guess if any of us have to make an argument to justify or defend our faith, then maybe we are against something other than our own faith. Lately I have found myself reminding myself that it’s best to be for something rather than against something.

    Sorry to hear you have to come home so soon, and I hope that you will regain your health soon.


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